IRLP Gateways


GB3CS will have an IRLP Gateway available 24/7 from Sunday 27th January 2008.

This allows repeater users to connect GB3CS to other IRLP connected systems via the Internet.

It is planned to also provide IRLP facilities on GB3SL when it comes On Air.

If using IRLP or any other Internet gateway please remember to always announce your callsign when activating the repeater and when you have established the link to the remote system.

It is also good practice to leave a slightly longer gap between "overs" when the gateway is active to allow other stations to call in (or disconnect).

To activate the IRLP gateway, access GB3CS as normal and then send the 4 digit node number of the remote node in DTMF.

You will get a voice announcement when the connection has been made. Audio transmitted on GB3CS will then be relayed to the remote system and transmissions on the remote system will be retransmitted via GB3CS.

To disconnect send 73 in DTMF.

The system will only allow connection to one remote node at a time - if you want to connect multiple nodes together then you need to connect to one of the IRLP reflectors. If connecting to a reflector and you get no reply please remember to disconnect before carrying on with any local conversations otherwise you will still be retransmitted via the reflector.

New incoming calls are blocked if the repeater is in use locally. Incoming connections can only be made when the repeater is idle.

For further information on the IRLP system see the IRLP Website at or for the current status of IRLP nodes see

For Operating Guidelines on the use of IRLP - Click Here


Scottish IRLP Nodes - March 2009:





 77.0 CTCSS  

 Simplex (Not Currently Active)





 94.8 CTCSS  






 No Tone  






 103.5 CTCSS  






 67.0 CTCSS  






 103.5 CTCSS  






 88.5 CTCSS  






 94.8 CTCSS  






 103.5 CTCSS  






 103.5 CTCSS  

 Repeater (Not currently Active)





 103.5 CTCSS  

 Repeater (Not currently Active)



 Dumfries & Galloway


 103.5 CTCSS  





430.0750  88.5 CTCSS  Simplex


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