EchoLink Gateways


Subject to the "Attended Operation" requirements of the UK Licence "Notice of Variation" issued to link stations, GB3AG, GB3CS, GB3DG, GB3FF and GB3PA may have an active EchoLink Gateway available.

This allows repeater users to connect to other EchoLink users via the Internet.

To use EchoLink bring up the repeater as normal, identifying yourself with your callsign, and then enter the appropriate EchoLink commands using DTMF tones.

When connected announce your presence on the remote system (e.g. by calling CQ)

If you get no response from the remote station remember to disconnect the link before carrying on with any local QSO's or your transmissions will still be relayed to the remote system.

For full details of the EcoLink system visit the EchoLink website

The CSFMG hope to develop the concept of VOIP repeater linking to improve the facilities available to users - if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.


EchoLink DTMF Operation

If you are accessing an EchoLink controlled Internet Link from RF, you will require to transmit DTMF tones to control your QSO with other stations. This can be done with a handheld transceiver's keypad, a DTMF microphone or a small handheld dialler. You will notice that Internet Links (-L) and Repeaters (-R) have a numerical Node ID as do Amateur Stations that are connected to the Internet.

Some simple RF > Internet functions are listed below:




Info Request

By pressing "*" will ask the Node to play an ID message.



Enter the Node ID number of the station you want to connect to.


Random Node

By pressing "00" the system will connect you to any available Node.


Random Link

By pressing "01" the system will connect you to any available Link or Repeater.



Press "#" to disconnect.


More info on the Echolink DTMF functions can be found here.

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