Central Scotland FM Group


Annual General Meeting – Sunday April 22nd 2007

Bathgate Guide Hall, Mid Street

Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 1QF




Part 1


1                    Doors Open 13:00

2                    Meeting Starts at 14:15

3                    Apologies for Absence

4                    Minutes of AGM on Sunday April 16th 2006

5                    Adoption of 2006 Minutes

6                    Matters Arising from 2006 Minutes

7                    Chairman’s Report, Crawford Ross, GM8HBY

8                    Treasurers Report, Jennifer Spink

9                    Adoption of Treasurers Report

10                Membership Report, Crawford Ross, GM8HBY

11                Repeater Reports, Jack Hood, GM4COX

12                Election of Committee

13                Appointment of Auditors

14                Any other competent business


Refreshment Break


Part 2


Discussion on CSFMG Repeaters, Chaired by Jack Hood, GM4COX, CSFMG Technical Co-ordinator



Facilities will be available for the checking of equipment both at the AGM and on our stand at the Magnum Rally. How good is your receiver? Should you believe what the manufactures quote as the power output of your equipment? How wide is your deviation? Bring along a suitable power lead for your equipment and have it measured.


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